Create, remix, and share AI art

Eden is a community of artists and technologists building a social hub for creative AI.

By artists, for artists

By artists, for artists

Eden is built by OG AI artists with the express purpose of armoring digital artists with this technology.

Open source, open access

Eden pipelines are built on top of and contribute to the open-source Al revolution, and encourages free modification and experimentation on our tools. There are no walls around our garden.


Create, remix, and share your art

Eden maintains an ever-growing suite of customizable pipelines that generate sublime images and video art.

Art in 1 minute
Train custom models

Train custom models on your own work

Reclaim your likeness online, train your own model on your work, and serve it to your fans.

Build autonomous creative agents

Eden is developing an experimental chatbot who represents your artistic brand. Like a concierge who talks to your fans, sketches new works in your style, or handles commissions for new work.

Beta program